LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Lubricants

Bar & Chain Oils are premium quality, naturally tacky, rapeseed oil based, readily biodegradable lubricants providing a superior level of lubricity and improved anti-corrosion & anti-wear protection. LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils are developed to replace the usual mineral oil based chain lubricants in order to provide a greater performance and reduce environmental footprint. Thanks to increased overall system efficiency and lower oil consumption, use of LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils has also positive impact on reduction of CO2 emissions!

LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils are suitable for the lubrication of lathes, chainsaws, the mechanical parts of conveyor belts and other industrial and domestic applications. They are manufactured in a wide range of viscosity (from 32 up to 2000mm2/s at 40C).

EU Ecolabel

LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils 100 and 150 are the leading biodegradable chain & bar lubricants in New Zealand, used and valued by many forestry contractors, arborists and farmers for their heavy duty performance and superior quality.

LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils are rapidly biodegradable in an open environment (over 99% within 21 days) and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel of environmental excellence no. CZ/27/001.







Bar & Chain Oils of higher viscosity classes are manufactured using an unique and innovative technology the "so-called" blown oil method, where no viscosity modifiers (could lower biodegradability of the final product) are used.




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EU Ecolabel Certification

The EU Ecolabel is globally recognized certification of environmental excellence which can be trusted. LUBECO™ lubricants are proudly certified.



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