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Why should people use bio oils instead of normal mineral oil?

Bio-lubricants mitigate negative environmental impacts of traditional petroleum based lubricants. Bio-lubricants are non-toxic, user and environment friendly, extremely durable and have better lubricity to significantly reduce use of the oil. High quality bio-lubricants, such as LUBECO™ range,  also provide better anti-corrosion and protective features to prolong equipment’s life and reduce maintenance cost.

What are bio-lubricants made of and how do they "degrade" in the environment?

Most often bio-lubricants are manufactured using vegetable and synthetic ester base oils and special additives. When released in a natural environment bio-lubricants decompose into elements of water and CO2.


How long do bio-lubricants last, compared to mineral oils, do you have to change the oils more often or less often?

The typical life time for hydraulic oils, gear oils and universal greasing oils depends on whether they are mineral, vegetable or synthetic based:

  • Mineral hydraulic oils - up to 2500 operating hours
  • LUBECO™ Synthetic hydraulic oils - up to 7500 operating hours
  • LUBECO™ Vegetable hydraulic oils – up to 2000 operating hours

The same formula applies to our gear oils and universal greasing oils. For Chain& bar oils, Saw lubes and other “total loss” lubricants the lifespan is not measured as they are dispersed into the environment. However, due to their higher lubricity use of LUBECO™ bio-lubricants can reduce oil consumption by up to 60%.

Do you need to check the oil more often for contamination?

All oils are equally susceptible to contamination. Proper handling procedures regardless of type minimise the risk of contamination. Synthetic hydraulic and gear oils have detergent characteristics that provide extra cleaning benefits to the holding tanks.

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