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Rust & Corrosion

LUBECO™ Rust & Corrosion Preventatives are premium quality oils containing very effective adsorption corrosion inhibitors.


LUBECO™ BIOSYNT 40V is a premium, fully synthetic, multi-purpose oil characterized by excellent lubricating, preservative, penetrating and moisture-displacing effects.

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BK 70 - Conservation oil

LUBECO™ BK 70 presents a premium quality conservation oil providing improved anti-corrosion protection. Developed to replace the usual conventional products and protect the natural environment.

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BK 70S - Conservation oil

LUBECO™ BK 70S is a special version of BK 70 conservation oil. BK 70S is specifically designed for use in in-shore and off-shore applications.

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Rust & Corrosion

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LUBECO™ Conservation Oils are used for the protection of metal materials against corrosion and atmospheric conditions.

LUBECO™ BK 7 / BK 7S are low viscosity anti-corrosion and conservation oils. 

LUBECO™ BK 70S was specifically developed for applications on sea transportation operations.